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Build a project in Grid and Timeline views

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To build a project, first use Grid view to add tasks, assign tasks, and add a duration. Then use Timeline view to add dependencies.

Use Grid view to add tasks, assign tasks, and add a duration

  1. At the top of your project, select Grid view.

  2. Select Add new task and type a task name.

  3. To assign the task, click in the box under Assigned to and type a name or select someone from the drop-down.

  4. To add a duration, click the box under Duration, and enter an option.

Use Timeline view to add dependencies

  1. Select Timeline view.

  2. To connect individual tasks with dependencies, drag the connector between tasks to show which tasks can only start when others are finished.

    Or, use the Shift button to select several tasks, right-click, and select Add dependency.

As time estimates change, drag the task bars to update your project.

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