Change the default chart type

If you click inside some data, and then press Alt+F1 on your desktop keyboard (or Alt+Fn+F1 on a laptop), Excel will provide a chart and use the default chart type. Usually this is a clustered column chart. But you can change the default if you want.

  1. Select any chart.

  2. On the Design tab, click Change Chart Type.

  3. Select a chart type that you'd prefer being the default, but don't click OK just yet.

  4. Look at the top of the All Charts tab, and find the chart icon that's highlighted in gray.

  5. Right-click the chart icon that's highlighted in gray, and click Set as Default Chart.

    Now when you press Alt+F1, that particular chart type will be used instead of the clustered column chart.

    Tip: If Alt+F1 doesn't create a chart, your keyboard's F Lock button might be off. Turn it on, and then make sure to click inside some data before pressing Alt+F1.

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