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If you don’t want to show all of the elements of a PowerPoint slide at once, you can create a build slide. This type of slide allows for stronger transitions and better flow in your presentation. To create a build slide in PowerPoint, add an animation to each part of the slide.

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Add animation to a build slide

  1. Select the text or object in the slide that you want to appear first.

  2. Click Animations > Add Animation.

  3. Click one of the Entrance Effects listed, or click More Entrance Effects to view more effect options.

    Tip: You can also select one of the Entrance Effects from the list of icons in the Animations tab.

  4. Repeat this process with each object in the order you want each to appear.

    Note: By default, PowerPoint sets the entrance effects to play in the same order that you add them. After your animation build slide opens in a Slide Show, click the slide to show your first object with the Entrance Effect. Each subsequent click shows your objects in order.

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Update your animations

You can view or edit the order of your objects in your build slide. Use the Animation Pane to update your settings.

  1. Click Animations > Animation Pane. This opens the Animation Pane to the right of your slide.

  2. Select one of the slide objects.

  3. To change the order of animations, click the up or down arrow at the top of the Animation Pane.

    Tip: You can also drag and drop an object to change the order.

  4. To update the Effect Option, click the arrow next to the icon.

    Tip: You can also right-click on the object to access the Effect Options.

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