Create and annotate short videos in new Yammer

Note: This feature is available in new Yammer only.

Short videos are quick, video snippets of up to three minutes that you can record on your mobile device using the Yammer mobile app. You can annotate the video with emoticons, add drawings, and write text to express yourself.

Creating short videos for Yammer on the Android mobile platform

Short videos on the Android mobile platform

Creating short videos for Yammer on the iOS mobile platform

Short videos on the iOS mobile platform

Some highlights about short videos

Short videos allow for quick annotations so that you can express yourself using video. Key enhancements include:

  • You can now annotate your videos.

  • Uploading your video (and playing it back) is faster than ever.

  • You have the option to edit your videos on the iOS mobile platform before posting them.

Reasons to use short videos

There are many scenarios for using short videos! Here are a few ideas:

  • Have a leader share a weekly top-of-mind with a quick 30-60 second snippet.

    Example: Have the Chief Marketing Officer share his or her focus for the week, encouraging transparency and open communication.

  • Encourage employees to share video snippets to engage in a campaign they are a part of.

    Example: Share how they give and why they give as part of a philanthropic campaign.

  • Ask new hires to introduce themselves with a quick video.

    Example: Invite new hires (in your new hire orientation community) to introduce themselves and the team they are on. Makes intros a bit more personal!

How to create short videos

  1. Tap the Create a Yammer conversation on mobile button to create a new Yammer post.

  2. Choose a community or people you want to message.

  3. Click on Attachments if it isn't already open, and then click Record a video.

  4. Record your video by holding down on the Record button Record button for Yammer videos at the bottom of the screen.

  5. If needed, you can pause and restart the video by clicking the Pause button Pausing a Yammer video while recording it. This will create clips each time you start and pause.

  6. Add annotations, text, drawings, and so on to express yourself by clicking the buttons underneath the video. You can also add a tint to your screen.

    Editing a Yammer video while recording it

  7. Press the Stop button when you are finished.

  8. Tap the arrow Right arrow to advance Yammer video editing to go to the next screen.

    In Yammer on the iOS mobile platform, you can also edit your video before posting.

  9. Tap Done when you are finished.

  10. To share your video with the community, type any text you want at the top of the post, and then click Share.

Tip: You can also add a previously recorded video clip by clicking the Attachments icon on the left of the recording button.

Use the whiteboard or blackboard mode for a video

In addition to annotating a video recording, you can record in a blackboard or whiteboard mode where you can add emojis and icons, write text, or draw images. This can be helpful for online learning or for illustrating a concept.

Whiteboard mode

Blackboard mode

Adding whtieboard content to a Yammer video

Working with blackboard mode in a Yammer video

  1. Use the steps above to start creating a video.

  2. Tap the icon to the right to choose your mode, and then choose Whiteboard or Blackboard.

    Working with the video blackboard and whiteboard modes in Yammer

  3. Add any images you want. Scroll down to see the full list of choices.

  4. Draw any text or designs you want. The recording captures the drawing in action.

  5. To change the color for drawing, tap on the circle to the left for multicolor strokes or choose a single color by clicking on the color you want in the bar to the right.

    Editing a Yammer video while recording it

  6. To delete items you created with the Whiteboard or Blackboard mode, tap the icon for the mode, and then tap the Eraser button Erasing drawings in a Yammer video.

  7. Continue the recording until you've finished your video scene, and then press the Stop button to finish the clip.


Q: Is this a whole new video feature?

A: Yammer supports recording videos today on mobile but recording a video isn’t very discoverable. We’ve improved the discoverability of video recording and added some fun features like annotation, editing for the iOS platform, and faster upload times!

Q: Who can use this short form video?

A: Any Yammer user within your tenant can use this feature unless the Network Admin for your tenant has disabled video uploads for Yammer.

Q: Where are the videos stored?

A: For all connected groups, videos are stored in SharePoint with all other video files. For any private message or Microsoft 365groups which are not connected, the video will be stored in Microsoft Azure.

Q: Are these videos live?

A: No, they are not.

Q: How long can the videos be?

A: These videos can be up to three minutes long.

Q: Can I edit the videos?

You can edit videos on the iOS platform. Before you post the video you have the option to edit, crop, and re-record it.

Q: Can I delete the videos?

Yes! The videos are just like any other post with a video attachment. You can delete, share, and so on.

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