Business intelligence (BI) content typically includes reports, scorecards, and dashboards that people use to track performance and make decisions. In most organizations, multiple people are involved in the processes of creating and sharing BI content. Having a central place, such as a BI Center site, to store manage, share, and consume that content is important.

The home page of a Business Intelligence Center site in SharePoint Online

A BI Center site is more than just a SharePoint site. It’s also a great way to bring people, processes, and information together. Whether you’re an administrator, a report author, or an information consumer, a BI Center site can be an important part of your organization’s BI solution.

Administrators, content authors, and information consumers can use a BI Center site

In a BI Center site, administrators can create and manage all the data connections that report authors need. Content authors can use those data sources to build and share scorecards, reports, and dashboards. Managers and information consumers can use the BI content to track performance, explore data, and make better business decisions. And, as business needs change, administrators and report authors can easily update BI content so that information consumers are using the most current information.

These tasks…

Are done by people in these roles…

And here’s how…

Set up a BI Center site and grant user permissions to it


Create a Business Intelligence Center site

Set up and manage data connections that report and dashboard authors will use


Content authors

TechNet Article: Share data connections by using Excel and Excel Services (SharePoint Server 2013)

TechNet Article: Create data connections by using PerformancePoint Services (SharePoint Server 2013)

Create and publish reports, scorecards, or dashboards

Content author

Create and use a report or a scorecard

View and interact with BI content

Information consumer

Explore and analyze data in reports and dashboards

To learn more about BI Center sites, see What is a Business Intelligence Center?

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