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Customizations you can perform on a Visio Web Access Web Part include display options for the diagram and the refresh interval for data-connected diagrams. These options are located in the Visio Web Access tool pane.

Open the Visio Web Access tool pane by putting the Web Part into Edit Mode. You can do this several ways:

  • In a new Visio Web Access Web Part, click the link Click here to open the tool pane.

  • In the corner of the Web Part, click the arrow that opens the Visio Web Access Web Part menu, and then click Edit Web Part.

Web Drawing Display

Web Drawing URL

In the Web Drawing URL box, type the URL to the Web drawing you want to display in the Web Part, or click the Browse button and navigate to the .vdw file.

Override the Web Drawing’s default initial view

By default, when a Web drawing opens it displays the page that was open when the diagram was last saved, and at the same zoom level and pan position. You can override this to display the view as it is set when you select this option and click Apply or OK.

Force raster rendering

If the person viewing the Web drawing has Silverlight 3.0 or later installed, the Web drawing will be rendered using Silverlight. Otherwise, it is rendered as an image file in PNG format. If you would prefer that the Web Part never use Silverlight, even if Silverlight is installed on the viewer’s computer, you can select this option.

Automatic Refresh Interval

If the Web drawing is connected to an external data source, you can have the Web Part check the data source periodically to get the latest data. Type the number of minutes you would like for the interval between data refresh attempts. Leave this at 0 (zero) if you prefer that users refresh the data manually by clicking the Refresh button on the diagram viewer.

Expose the following shape data items to web part connections

There is a Web Part connection option to send the shape data of selected shapes to other Web Parts. Only the data fields that you specify in this box are sent. Type the data field names you want to send, separated by semi-colons.

Toolbar and User Interface

The options available in this section of the tool pane are tools that are available to the diagram user, with the exception of the Show default background option. When Show default background is selected, the background of the Web drawing is gray. When the option is cleared, the background is transparent.

You can remove tools from the UI that you don’t want users to see by clearing the check box beside those items. However, users will still be able to perform some of the actions using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. To disable functionality completely, use the options in the Web Drawing Interactivity section.

Web Drawing Interactivity

Select the check boxes beside the options that you want to disable for users of the Web Part.

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