Word Quick Start

Design and edit

Design and edit in Word

Use Styles

Styles templates apply a consistent font, font size, font color, and spacing to headings, paragraphs, and titling throughout your document.

  1. Select the words, paragraph, list or table to edit.

  2. On the Home tab, select a style.

    If you don't see the style you want, click the More button More button to expand the gallery.

Apply styles options on the Word ribbon

Office 365 Word Styles drop-down

Apply Themes

Themes add a professional look to your document.

  1. Select Design > Themes.

  2. Point to a theme to preview how it will look.

  3. Select the theme you want.

Options for themes in the Word ribbon

Check spelling and grammar

Word marks misspelled words with a red squiggly underline and grammar mistakes with a blue double underline.

  1. Right-click the word.

  2. Select a correction, or select Ignore.

Note: Spelling and grammar check work a little differently in newer versions of Word and Microsoft 365. For more, see Editor - your writing assistant.

Office 365 Spelling & Grammar example

Find and replace text

  1. Select Home > Replace.

  2. For Find what, enter a word or phrase to search. For Replace with, enter the new text.

  3. Select Find next, and then select:

    • Replace to replace the first instance, or

    • Replace all to replace all instances.


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