Device support for SharePoint spaces

Device support for SharePoint spaces

Recommended device configuration

What is the recommended device configuration?

  • SharePoint spaces works best on a PC which has the NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher graphics card.

  • We recommend that you use Windows Mixed reality headsets and the new Microsoft Edge browser.

What is the minimum hardware specification needed for Windows Mixed Reality?

How do I optimize my laptop performance for Spaces?

On a PC: To bump your CPU performance to 100%, in the lower right part of the taskbar, select the battery icon. Then, move the slider to the right ("Best performance").

If your laptop has multiple GPUs, use the better GPU in the browser(s) all the time. For more info, see How to force Microsoft Edge to use the best GPU Windows 10.

Supported headsets

Tethered (wired) headsets

Untethered (wireless) headsets

  • Our support for the Oculus Quest is currently in a preview beta.


Issues viewing the space in a headset.

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.

  • Ensure you have run through your headset setup to map the physical space.

  • Make sure your browser supports WebXR and your headset.  Ensure WebXR is enabled in browser settings for Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Headset appears to be in sleep mode or timed out.

  • In most cases, the headset should get re-activated after you select the Headset option. In case it doesn't, try restarting your computer.

  • Check your device on a non-SharePoint spaces site. You can test on a Babylon.js site, for example, to see if virtual reality works on your machine.

Does my browser support WebGL?

For the best experience, use the new Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox browser that supports WebGL 2. To check if your browser supports WebGL 2, visit the WebGL 2 test site.

We also support Safari and Old Microsoft Edge (version 18+) with WebGL 1, but performance and visual quality may be degraded compared to browsers that support WebGL 2. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.

Note: WebGL browser support is required for running SharePoint spaces. It's a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within a compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins.

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