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Create approvals
Create approvals

Discover templates in Approvals

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With templates in Approvals, you and your team can create and send approval requests. Use preset fields for templates like discount requests or expense reports – all in Microsoft Teams. 

If you're a team owner or admin, here's what you need to know: 

  • Manage templates - You can create templates from the Approvals hub. Select Manage templates New templates to customize them. 

    • Scope - If you're an admin, you can select from these three options that best fit your needs: Org wide, Specific people, and Team wide. If you're a team owner, you can only select Team wide when creating new templates for the team you own.

  • Basic settings - For each template, select an icon and add a name, description, and category. 

  • Form design - This section is where you can add form details for users to enter when filling out the template. 

  • Workflow settings - You can select who needs to approve the request and give custom responses. 

Important: Remember to keep the original template on the Forms site so your team won't lose access when using a template for an approval request.

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