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You can add mobile, home, or additional phone numbers to your copy of someone else's contact card--along with other information like their birthday for example. You can also edit and add more information to your own Skype for Business contact card.

Edit your copy of someone’s contact information

This information is stored in Outlook. You can also change the name of the person so it appears in your Contacts list as a nickname or other personalized name.

  1. On the person’s contact card, click the Contact tab, then click Add.

    Note: If you have more than one profile for this contact, a dialog box will open asking you which profile you want to change, and whether you’ll want to save the changed profile as the default once you have revised it. Make your selections, and then click OK.

  2. On the replica version of the contact card that opens, to change the contact’s name as it will appear in your Skype for Business display, type an alternate name for the contact in the Name field.

  3. Click the plus-sign (+) next to the Email, Phone, Address, and/or Birthday heading(s), then type the information you want to add into any of these fields. (You can’t change or add to the information listed under the Work heading.)

  4. Click Save.

Your changes should appear in Skype for Business and Outlook within several minutes.

International phone number format

When adding international phone numbers, type the + sign, then the country code followed by the local number. If you want, you can add parentheses and dashes for readability, but Skype for Business stores the number in international dialing format.

See the examples below, or search for your own country code.

Recipient's country/region

Country/ code

Local phone number

International phone number for Lync



(12) 3456789




01 02 03 04 05


United Kingdom


12345 678 910


United States


(555) 555-0155




58 (3456) 789, 10, 11



  • You can enter an extension or access code that is displayed but not dialed:

  • Lync edit phone number with extension added

  • Edit phone number dialog box

  1. Enter the number in international format, beginning with a plus sign.

  2. Add a space at the end of the phone number, enter an X (for extension) or other special character, and then enter the extension number.

  1. Skype for Business dials only the main number.

  2. Once the call is connected, use the Skype for Business keypad to enter the extension number or access code.

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