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Why are you removing Wolfram Data Types in Excel from Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions?

As part of our path toward innovation and modernization in Excel, we entered a unique partnership with Wolfram to expand our set of available linked data types and create premium templates by utilizing their pre-existing breadth of knowledge. We’re simply choosing not to renew this partnership for this particular range of data. Instead, we’ll be focusing our efforts on other innovations like using data types to connect to your personal data, and ways for developers to organize data types connected to their own service.

Will I still be able to create new Wolfram Data Types or refresh ones I already have?

No, once the service connecting Excel with Wolfram ends on June 11, 2023, you will no longer be able to create new Wolfram data types, refresh the data of existing ones, follow links to new data, or access new Wolfram images. Additionally, any premium templates utilizing Wolfram data types will be removed from the download center. All non-Wolfram data types will not be affected by this change.

Why are buttons missing in the Data Types gallery on the ribbon?

All the buttons you may be used to seeing that are no longer available, like “Automatic”, “Food”, and “Movies”, represented linked data types available through the Wolfram service. When we remove the data connection to Wolfram data, these buttons to create new data types are also removed.

Can I keep a copy of my data?

Yes! All the data that you have previously established in your workbooks will continue to be yours. Existing data types will not be removed, they just won't be connected to any data service. It will feel like using Wolfram data types in your workbook while not connected to the internet. If you want to lookup information to supplement your workbooks, you can download data from Wolfram|Alpha in a variety of file formats, including XLS, XLSX, CSV and TSV.

I bought a Microsoft 365 subscription to get additional value from the Wolfram partnership. How do I cancel my subscription? 

If you do not wish to continue your Microsoft 365 subscription, visit this page for instructions. 

If you purchased a Microsoft 365 subscription with recurring billing from a third-party retailer instead of the Microsoft Store, contact the third-party retailer directly to cancel your subscription. 

How can I find out when my Microsoft 365 subscription expires? 

Please refer to Find out when your Microsoft 365 subscription expires

How can I find where I purchased my Microsoft 365 subscription? 

  1. Go to your Services & subscriptions page.

  2. If prompted, choose Sign in and enter the Microsoft account email and password associated with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

  3. Click on the Manage button, if your subscription was purchased through Microsoft, you will see options to manage your subscription, otherwise you will be taken to the website of the third-party retailer where you purchased your subscription.

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