Excel for Android phones: Animated tips

Excel for Android phones is a free download from Google Play. Once you have it installed, follow along with this animated guide to learn some quick tips.

Typing in Excel

Finger taps cell, types 1,000,000, taps green check mark button

Tap the formula bar, type, and then tap the check mark. Tip: You can also double tap a cell to start typing as well.

Typing a formula

Finger taps cell, fx button, SUM; finger drags to select two cells, finger taps green check mark button

Tap the fx button to start a formula. You'll see Excel's function library. Tap a function, and then finish the rest of the formula.

Clearing a cell

Finger taps, cell, taps Clear

Tap a cell, then tap Clear.

Moving a column

Finger taps and holds header of column A, drags column to new place

Tap a column header. Tap it again and hold, then drag it to the new location

There's more

We have three other animated guides for your Android phone:

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