Create an explanation to identify info you'd like to extract from a document. Or, if you're not extracting info, create one to help classify the document.


Start with an explanation template.

  1. From the Explanations section, select New, then From a template.

  2. On the Explanation templates page, select the one you want and choose Add.

  3. The information you selected displays on the Create an explanation page. If needed, edit the explanation name, and add or remove items from the list of phrases.

Custom explanations

If there's no template that matches your scenario or you already know you need one, create a custom explanation. 

From the Explanations section, select New, then Blank.

Choose one of three custom explanation types.

  • A phrase list is a list of words, phrases, numbers, or other characters you can use in the document or information that you're extracting. For example, use the text string "referring doctor" if it occurs in the Medical Referral documents you're identifying. 

  • A regular expression is a pattern-matching notation used to find specific character patterns. For example, use a regular expression to find all instances of an email address pattern in a set of documents.

  • Proximity describes how close explanations are to each other. For example, a street number phrase list goes right before the street name phrase list, with no tokensin between.

    Important: This option is only available when an extractor or classifier has two or more explanations.

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