If you use Microsoft 365 credentials to sign in to Lync Basic, use the Help topics labeled “Lync Basic 2013” at office.com, but note that a few things will work slightly differently than described in those topics. This topic explains those differences. It answers questions like: where is my conversation history, how do I set up or call into a meeting, and how do I change my picture?

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Note: Lync Basic 2013 is provided free to companies that buy Microsoft 365 Plan P1, E1, or E2 and with the standalone Lync Online plans (Plans 1, 2, and 3).


How do I install Lync?

Why don’t the instructions for changing my picture work for me?


In Personal options, what should I choose in Advanced configuration settings?

  • Microsoft 365 users must use Automatic configuration. Do not choose Manual configuration.

In Phones options, why can’t I integrate my phone with Lync?

  • Phone integration isn’t available for Microsoft 365 users.


Will my location information be used for emergency calls?

  • No, this service isn’t available for Microsoft 365 users.

Why can’t I find my previous calls?

  • Conversations are saved only if you’re using Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

Why can’t I make calls to or receive calls from standard phone numbers?

  • The ability to use Lync to make and receive calls to and from a standard phone number (as compared to by using computer audio) is available only with Lync Plan 3, when configured with a Lync-to-phone service provider. For details, contact your workplace technical support.

Chat rooms

Important: The chat room feature is not available when you use Lync with Microsoft 365.


Why can’t I add someone who works at another company as a contact?

  • Your company might not be set up to support federation, that is, to allow you to have contacts outside your company. For help, contact your workplace technical support.

I can add a contact at another company who’s using an instant messaging (IM) service other than Lync, but I can’t communicate with him/her. Why not?

  • In this release, you can’t interact with contacts who are using an IM service other than Lync. Check back for updates to this functionality.

Instant messages

Why can’t I find previous IM conversations?

  • Conversations are saved only if you’re using Outlook and Exchange.


How do I set up a meeting if I’m not using Outlook?

  • If you don’t use Outlook (or Windows), you can set up new meetings by using Lync Web Scheduler. Access it at https://sched.lync.com.

Why can’t I set up a dedicated meeting space?

  • This option it isn’t available with Microsoft 365.

How do I call in to a meeting?

  • You can call in to a meeting only if the meeting request includes a call-in number and passcode. If the meeting organizer isn’t set up for dial-in conferencing, call-in isn’t an option.

Why doesn’t my meeting request include dial-in information?

  • Dial-in conferencing might not be set up for your account. For details, contact your workplace technical support.

Where is my PIN for dialing in to a meeting?

  • If the meeting request doesn’t include a PIN, it’s because the person who set up the meeting isn’t set up for dial-in conferencing.

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