FindTime organizer dashboard

The FindTime organizer dashboard allows organizers to view all the polls they have created in one place, manage their polls, and change default settings for new polls.

Accessing the organizer dashboard

There are two ways to access your organizer dashboard:

Managing polls in the organizer dashboard

All your FindTime polls display in the dashboard.

Open polls polls display by default. Go to Completed or Cancelled to access prior polls.

Meetings Dashboard

Polls have 4 possible states:

  • Open polls : A current poll that is still available for voting.

  • Completed : A poll that has been scheduled.

  • Cancelled : A poll that you have cancelled.

  • Deleted: Deleted polls are not available in the dashboard. These are polls that either you have deleted or FindTime has deleted because they were not sent. 

Editing polls in the organizer dashboard

To edit an open poll:

  1. Select Editdetails.

  2. Change the details.

    Edit invite dialog

    Note: If you select a duration that is longer than previously, attendees may not be available for the extended duration and existing votes may no longer be reliable.

Cancelling polls in the organizer dashboard

To cancel an open poll:

  • Select Cancelpoll next to the corresponding poll in the Open tab, and select Yes when it asks to confirm if you want to cancel it.

When you cancel a poll activity is suspended:

  • The meeting can no longer be scheduled, either manually or by auto scheduling.

  • Voting is no longer available, but the voting page can still be viewed. Actions are grayed out and unavailable.

If you don't want your attendees to access the voting page, delete the poll in the Cancelled tab.

Deleting polls in the organizer dashboard

To delete a completed or canceled poll:

  1. Go to the Completed or Canceled tab.

  2. Select Delete.

    Deleting meetings

Organizer settings

Your organizer settings are applied by default to all polls you create. Changes to your settings only apply to future polls. Current polls are not affected.

To access your organizer settings:

  • Select Default Poll Settings to the upper right corner of the table.

To edit your settings:

  • Enter new value or make different selections in Settings

    Dashboard organizer settings

    • Invitation settings : These are used by default when scheduling meetings.

      • Send notification emails: You will receive email notifications when attendees vote.

      • Auto-schedule meetings: The meeting will be scheduled automatically in your calendar when all required attendees have voted Yes for a meeting option.

      • Hold meeting suggestions: Adds a tentative appointment to your calendar for each meeting option suggested in the poll. Holds are removed when the meeting is scheduled or voting is cancelled.

    • Suggestion settings: These are used by default when scheduling meetings. 

      • Default meeting duration: Select the default length of the meeting.

      • Restrict suggestions to work hours: Choose to allow suggestions outside of standard business hours.

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