Format footers and headers in Visio

Headers and footers print information on the top and bottom of each printed page. They are independent of the drawing page. That makes headers and footers especially useful for diagrams in which the drawing is spread across multiple printer pages.

Add headers and footers to a multi-page diagram

  1. Open the diagram, and select File > Print.

  2. At the bottom of the Settings section, select Edit Header & Footer.

  3. Enter information into any of the six positional header and footer boxes, as needed. (You may enter up to 128 characters in a box.)

    You can manually enter the text you want, or you can select the arrow to the right of any box and then pick from one of the automatic options:

    Page number

    Page name

    Total printed pages

    Current time

    Current date (short)

    Example: 4/7/2021

    Current date (long)

    Example: Wednesday, April 7, 2021

    File name

    File extension

    File name and extension

Add headers and footers quickly to a single-page diagram

The other option for headers and footers can only be applied one page at a time. It gives you a border along with the header and footer.

This process gives you a formatted title in the header. It also gives you a date or a page number (or both, in many instances). All header and footer text is styled in a way that fits with the diagram's design theme. 

  1. On the Design tab, near the right end, select Borders & Titles.

    A menu of options with thumbnail-sized illustrations opens.

  2. Select an option to apply it to the page.  

    If you don't like what you've chosen, you can press Ctrl+Z to undo the option, or you can repeat these steps to apply a different option. 

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