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The Page Number Format dialog box in Word allows you to specify the numbering format and style (such as -1, -2-, -3- or i, ii, iii), chapter number format, and the first page number used in a document or section.

The Page Number Format dialog box

Number format

In the Number format box, select how you want numbers to appear in your document.

Choosing a number format

Note: This is different from selecting where you want to your numbers to appear. To specify page numbering placement, as well as other standard page numbering styles, click Insert > Page Number, click either Top of Page or Bottom of Page, and then choose the option you want.

Include chapter number

Select the Include chapter number check box if your document has chapters and you want chapter numbers to appear in your headings along with page numbers. You can then choose which heading styles should be used for chapter numbers and the type of separator you want to use after chapter numbers.

Choosing chapter number styles

If you haven't applied numbering to the chapter headings in your document, here's how:

Note: You must use a unique heading style for chapter headings. For example, if you use the Heading 1 style for chapter headings, do not use the Heading 1 style for any other text in the document.

  1. Select the first chapter heading in your document.

  2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to Multilevel List.

    Multilevel List button

  3. Click a chapter-numbering list definition (one that includes the text Heading 1 or Chapter 1).

    Use the Chapter Headings mutlilevel list to format chapter headings to be included in captions.

    The chapter-numbering list definition will be automatically applied to all of the headings in your document that used that style (i.e., Heading 1 in this example).

Learn more about using chapter headings with page numbers by reading Chapter headings with page numbers in Office Blogs.

For basic information about heading styles, see Add a heading.

Page numbering

Use these options to set the first page number used in your document or section.

  • Select Continue from previous section if you are working with sections and you want page numbering to continue from the previous section.

  • Select Start at to specify that the document, or the section you're working in, start on a page number other than 1.

To learn more about working with page numbers and sections, see Add different page numbers or number formats to different sections.

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