Format your survey or quiz questions

Format your survey or quiz questions

In Microsoft Forms, you can bold, italicize, or underline words, allowing you to emphasize and differentiate content with hierarchy.

  1. In Microsoft Forms, open the form or quiz you want to edit.

  2. Highlight a word or words in your title or questions, and then choose bold, italics, or underline from the floating toolbar.

    Formatting options, such as bold, underline, and italics, in Microsoft Forms

    Tip: You can also use keyboard shortcuts - CTRL/Cmd+B for bold, CTRL/Cmd+I for italics, and CTRL/Cmd+U for underline - to format text.

Feedback for Microsoft Forms

We want to hear from you! To send feedback about Microsoft Forms, go to the upper right corner of your form and select More form settings  More options button > Feedback.

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