Get Started with Fluid Framework Preview

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Try it!

Fluid Framework empowers you to work and collaborate in a way that feels natural to you. A preview is available and we’re excited for you to give it a try and tell us what you think!

To begin using the preview, sign in using your work or school account.

Start creating

  1. Select the Create new button on the left-hand side.

  2. Add a Title.

  3. Choose whether you'd like to save your project in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

Invite others to collaborate

  • Copy the URL or use the Share button ( Share button in Fluid Framework ) in the top right corner to grant your colleagues access.

You can also use the @mention feature to tag your colleagues. If they don’t already have access, a pop up will appear when you tag them so you can easily share and keep working.

Fluid canvases are live and connected, allowing for near instantaneous collaboration. Your edits will be immediately visible to anyone else who has access to the file.

Add content

  • Type “+” or click the + icon on the left side of the page to add components — types of content you can use to customize your workspace.

We're developing more components, but in the preview, you’ll be able to add:

  • Action Items: Keep track of tasks, assignees, and timelines in a table.

  • Mention: Tag your colleagues using the @ symbol anywhere so they can easily find relevant sections.

  • Table: Create a table that suits your needs.

  • Date: Add dates to easily keep track of upcoming deadlines and highlight overdue tasks.

  • Check list: Tick items off as you complete them.

Format your project

  • Right-click in the section you want to format and a menu with contextually relevant options will pop up.

    If you're working in a text area, text formatting options will pop up.

    Format options in Fluid Framework

    If you're working in a table when you right click, you'll see options to modify your table.

    Format box in Fluid Framework

Navigate using the left pane

  • @mention in left pane : Quickly scan your mentions

  • Clock in left pane : See projects you've recently worked on

  • Document in left pane : Start a new project

  • Share in left pane : Share feedback and suggestions

Share feedback

Since this is an early preview, we'd love to hear about how you’re using the preview, what your suggestions are, and what you want us to build next.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the preview?

  • Microsoft is rolling out the preview experience to all commercial customers in phases, starting with target release. If you try logging in and don’t have access yet, check periodically as the rollout continues.

What can I use Microsoft Fluid Framework for?

  • The beauty of Fluid Framework lies in its flexibility. At work, use Fluid to crowd-source meeting agendas and minutes, take notes, and manage projects with multiple stakeholders.

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Compatible browsers

We recommend that you use the most up-to-date browser that's compatible with your operating system. The following browsers are supported:

  • The new Microsoft Edge (latest version)

  • Safari (latest version, Mac only)

  • Chrome (latest version)

  • Firefox (latest version)

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut



Tag and notify a person


Opens the Discover Menu with component options

Shift + F10

Opens the Commanding Surface with formatting options

Ctrl + Alt + 1

Heading 1

Ctrl + Alt + 2

Heading 2

Ctrl + .

Creates bulleted List

Ctrl + 1

Creates a checklist, checks off an item, or removes a checklist

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