Give feedback on Microsoft OneDrive

The OneDrive sync app allows you to contact Microsoft directly from within the app.

  1. Select the cloud icon in the taskbar. A blue cloud icon will open OneDrive for work or school, and a white cloud icon will open OneDrive for home.

    OneDrive SyncClient with blue cloud and white cloud icons

  2. Select Help & Settings, then choose one of the following options:  

    • To send feedback directly to Microsoft, select Send feedback.

      Note: If you don't see the option to give feedback, your administrator may have turned this feature off.

      Shows the "Help & Settings" taskbar option, with "Send feedback" highlighted in the resulting menu.

    • To create a support request, select Get help and then select Contact support.

      Shows a "Contact support" link at the bottom of the menu you see after selecting "Get Help" in the "Help & Settings" menu.

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