In OneNote for Windows 10, you can group together multiple selected ink strokes into a single object. This is useful when you want to move multiple ink strokes around on a page, when you want to copy and paste a complex selection, or when you want to resize several ink strokes proportionally.

Do the following:

  1. Open the page that contains a drawing whose ink strokes you want to group together.

    Tip: To create a new drawing, see Write notes and draw in OneNote.

  2. On the Draw tab, click or tap the Lasso Select tool on the far left of the ribbon.

  3. Drag a selection around the first ink stroke that you want to include.

  4. When the first ink stroke is selected, hold the Ctrl key, and then drag a new lasso selection around another ink stroke on the page.

  5. When all of the ink strokes you want have been combined into a single selection, right-click the selection, and then click or tap Group on the menu that appears.


  • To separate a grouped selection of ink strokes, right-click the grouped ink strokes, and then click or tap Ungroup on the menu that appears.

  • Grouping a selection that already includes another group of ink strokes will merge the two groups into one.

  • If you prefer, you can use keyboard shortcuts to group or ungroup a selection. Press Ctrl+W to group selected ink strokes, or press Ctrl+H to ungroup them.

Select all nearby ink strokes in a drawing in OneNote for Windows 10

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