You can install a free trial of Microsoft Office 2010 with Click-to-Run, which is a program that streams Office to your computer. With Click-to-Run you can begin using your Office programs while they are being downloaded and installed.

The free trial is a way for you to evaluate Office 2010 for a limited time with no payment. If you decide you want to purchase Office 2010 you can convert your trial installation to a full version of the software.

In Office for the web programs, after you click Try Office 2010 and then Install Now, the steps you follow to install Office are different depending on which web browser you are using.

Which browser are you using?

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, after you click Install Now, a dialog box instructs you to click Run in the dialog boxes that appear next, and to click Continue if you are prompted for permission to continue. Click Next, and then click Run as directed.

When Office 2010 completes installation your document opens in the Office desktop application that corresponds to the Office for the web program where you clicked Try Office 2010.

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Another browser

In browsers other than Internet Explorer, you must save the installation file on your computer. Click the command for saving the file. For example, in Firefox click Save File; in Chrome click Save. When the file is stored on your computer, double-click it to run it.


When Office 2010 is installed, click the command in the Office for the web programs for opening your document in the Office desktop application. For example, in PowerPoint for the web, click Open in PowerPoint. Your presentation opens in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Browsers other than FireFox or Internet Explorer

When Office 2010 is installed, you can use the full-featured capabilities of the Office desktop applications to update your documents, including saving them directly to SharePoint sites and to your OneDrive. To open a web-based document in Office 2010, download the document to your computer, open it in the Office desktop application, and then save it back to the website.

Note:  Office for the web programs are supported in Chrome when working in Windows Live, but not when working in SharePoint. FireFox and Safari are supported in both environments.

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