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If you've completed a job interview, sending your interviewer a thank you note can set you apart as a professional and help leave a lasting impression. Read on for top items to include in your thank you note.

When to send a thank you

It's best to send a thank you note when your interview is still fresh. Aim to send a note within about 24 hours. If your interview falls on a Friday, you can send a note that day rather than waiting until Monday.

What kind of thank you notes to send

A handwritten note is always appreciated if you're local and can deliver it within the recommended 24-hour window. Because that's not always possible, an email is great. Emails are fast and easy to send, and they'll likely land in the top of someone's inbox.

Who to send a thank you note

If you're interviewed by an individual person, feel free to send a thank you just to them. But if you're interviewed by a group, make sure to send each person an individual, customized note. If you don't have email addresses for everyone, create individual notes and ask your main contact to forward each note.

What to include in your thank you note

  • A professional subject line. Keep your email subject short and to the point. A simple, "Thank you from <Your Name>" is a great start.

  • A personalized greeting. Start each note addressing the person you interviewed with by name.

  • An expression of appreciation. Add a line close to the beginning of your note thanking the interviewer for their time and the opportunity.

  • Specifics of your conversation. Tailor your message by mentioning something you specifically chatted about with that person. Did they tell you about their company culture? What to expect on a standard day? Mention it here.

  • A reminder of your interest. If the job feels like a fit for you, tell your interviewer that you're interested. Employers want their employees to be excited about their roles, so adding your enthusiasm is a great way to close for the job.

  • Your contact info. Invite your interviewer to contact you with further questions or discussion.

  • A professional sign-off. Best regards, Sincerely, and Thank you are all great ways to finish up your note.

Thank you note tips

  • Be professional and courteous

  • Proofread and edit your note before sending

  • Send a thank you to anyone you spoke with at the company, even if they're not a formal hiring manager

Thank you templates to get you started

Ready to work on your thank you note? Microsoft's Interview thank you note template is a great place to start.

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