Insert endnotes and footnotes on your mobile device

Endnotes give you a way to reference material in your document without affecting the layout of each page, since all the notes are placed at the end of the document. Word numbers endnotes in lowercase Roman numerals, and footnotes are numbered with Arabic numerals.

  1. Go to where you want to insert the endnote or footnote.

  2. On the Insert tab, go Endnote or Footnote.

    Word inserts a reference number in the document and adds the endnote or footnote to your document.

  3. Type the endnote or footnote text.

  4. Double-tap the reference numeral to jump between the note and where the note is referenced in your document.

Tip: To change the number format or make other customizations to endnotes and footnotes, open your document in Word on your Mac or Windows computer. Your changes will be there, the next time you open the document on your mobile device.

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