Learn more about Outlook.com group members and owners

Members of an Outlook.com group can send messages to the group. Outlook.com group owners can edit a group, add or remove members, and more. 

What Outlook.com group members can do

Group members can do the following:

  • Send email to other group members

  • Delete or edit their own messages

  • Forward email

  • Leave the group (and no longer receive group email)

  • Delete individual email messages

  • Add new members and remove members they added

What Outlook.com group owners can do

Group owners can do everything members can do, as well as the following actions. To learn how to make a member an owner, see Create an Outlook.com group and add members.

  • Edit the group description and group picture

  • Add new members and remove members (Learn how)

  • Make a group member an owner or make an owner a member

  • Block and unblock users

Note: A group owner must have a Microsoft domain email address, e.g. hotmail.com, live.com, outlook.com.

Important notes about sharing in a group

  • Group members or owners can access, delete, modify, or save to their devices any content shared with the group.

  • Content shared with the group will remain in the group after a user leaves or is removed from a group by a group owner.

  • Members should not share content with a group that they're concerned about sharing or losing, and should keep personal copies of shared files if they're concerned about losing access to those files.

  • Before leaving a group, users should delete content they want to remove or save copies of content they want to access later.

  • Members can request that a group owner remove content after they leave or are removed from a group, but it is up to the group owner’s discretion to honor this request.

  • Group owners can also export the group content and provide the same to group members

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