Link to an Excel chart from your presentation

Unless your Excel chart is stored on a cloud hosting service like OneDrive, or on a web site, you won’t be able to link to it. That said, here are a few ways for you to include an Excel chart in your slides:

  • If the chart data is continuously updated and it is hosted on a web site or on OneDrive (or a similar cloud hosting service),   add a hyperlink from a slide in your presentation to the Excel chart.

  • If the data doesn’t change, or the changes matter little to you,    take a screenshot of the chart in Excel and insert it as a picture on your slide. Here’s how to do that:

    1. In Excel for the web or Excel desktop, press Print Screen, and save it as a picture using a picture editor application, such as Paint for Windows or iPhoto for Mac.

    2. In PowerPoint for the web, on the Insert tab, click Picture.

      Insert a picture

    3. In the Choose File to Upload box, find the picture of the Excel chart, and then click Open.

      Once you have added the picture, you can also do the following:

      Crop your picture

      Add a border to a picture

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