Lync Web App Q&A Manager

Lync Web App Q&A manager (question and answer) provides a structured environment for answering questions during a meeting. This feature is especially helpful in large meetings where a presenter can answer questions, while someone else is presenting meeting content.

Keep in mind that attendees can ask questions, but only presenters can answer.

Start the Q&A Manager

Any of the presenters in a meeting can start the Q&A Manager and reply to questions. If you are attending a meeting see Use the Q&A Manager as a participant.

  1. In your Lync Web App Meeting, point to the presentation (monitor) icon, then click Q&A.

Screen shot of Q and A menu

If there are no other content presented, the Content Stage opens and displays the Q&A manager for all participants. If other content is active, the Q&A tab displays as a new tab next to the Content Stage tab.

The Meeting IM is automatically turned off until you stop the Q&A Manager.

Screenshot of Q and A Presenter

  1. When a question is submitted, any of the presenters can click Answer and type a reply. Then press Enter on the keyboard to post the answer.

Screen shot of a question

If you’re presenting content when a question is submitted, you’ll see the question count going up. You can then click the Q&A tab at any time to answer the question, and then go back to Content Stage tab to continue your presentation.

  1. If you start typing an answer and change your mind, click Cancel to answer later, or for another presenter to pick up the question.

  2. Click the Unanswered tab to filter for the questions that haven’t been answered yet.

  3. To save a record of the Q&A session, click Save as, and then copy the questions and answers to a file on your computer.

Screen shot of Save as

  1. At the end of the session, click Stop Q&A. When Lync Web App asks if you want to enable IM, click Allow Meeting IM, or click X on the notification if you want to keep the IM off.

Screen shot of QA closed

Use the Q&A Manager as a participant

When the Q&A session is shared by a presenter, all the meeting attendees can view and ask questions. Keep in mind that you can switch between the Q&A and Content Stage tabs at any time during the meeting.

  1. Type a question in the Ask a question box.

  2. When the question is answered, you’ll see the response below your question.

  3. If you only want to see your questions, click the My Questions tab.

  4. To save a record of the Q&A, click Save as, and copy/paste the text to a file on your computer.

Screen shot of Q and A

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