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The following lists the content updates for March 2021. 

Hybrid workplace 

To help organizations make the transition to a hybrid workplace, where employees work from home and in the office, we've provided playlists to help users run more effective meetings, create inclusive meeting environments, collaborate asychronously, and reach large audiences with live events. The Hybrid workplace subcategory includes the following playlists and assets. 

Run effective meetings 

  • Run effective meetings

  • Hybrid meetings

  • Hybrid meeting space considerations

  • What to do before, during, and after hybrid meetings

  • Schedule effective meetings

  • Plan and lead effective meetings

  • Engage your audience before, during, and after hybrid meetings

  • Meeting checklist

  • Reduce meeting fatigue

Create inclusive meeting environments 

  • Create inclusive meeting environments

  • Make meetings and related content accessible for all

  • Limit distractions in meetings

  • Build empathy across time zones

Asynchronous collaboration and co-authoring 

  • Reduce or replace meetings with asynchronous collaboration

  • Collaborate and co-author shared content

  • Best practices for collaborating in Microsoft 365

  • Co-author Microsoft 365 files

  • Document collaboration and co-authoring

  • Collaborating with SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive

  • Collaborating in Teams

  • Use document libraries in SharePoint

  • Troubleshoot common co-authoring errors

Reach large audiences with live events 

  • Use live events to reach large audiences

  • Get started using Microsoft Teams for live events

  • Plan and schedule a live event in Teams

  • Organize a live even

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams has been updated with the following content. 

Manage meetings

The Manage meeting playlist has the following new asset. 

  • Tips for Teams meetings

Teams on the go 

The Teams on the go playlist has been updated with the following new assets. 

  • Start a channel on the go

  • Create a channel on the go

  • Manage notifications on the go

Manage team schedules with Shifts 

The Manage team schedules with Shifts playlist has been added with the following assets. 

  • What is Shifts

  • Shifts for managers

  • Create a Shifts schedule

  • Manage a Shifts schedule

  • Shifts for Firstline workers

Walkie Talkie, Tasks, and Praise 

The Walkie Talkie, Tasks, and Praise playlist has been added with the following assets. 

  • Walkie Talkie

  • Use the Task app in Teams

  • Tasks for managers

  • Tasks for Firstline workers

  • Communication and Praise

Create approvals 

The Create approval playlist has been added with the following assets. 

  • What is approvals?

  • Create an approval

  • Create an approval from a chat


A new Lists subcategory and playlist has been added to learning pathways. 

Get started with Lists 

The Get started with Lists playlist has the following new assets. 

  • Create a list from the Lists app

  • Create a list in a Teams channel

  • Add or edit list items

  • Create or change the view of a list

  • Edit a list view

  • Find and manage your list

  • Share a list or list item

  • Track business information


The Create a form and view results playlist has been updated with the following new assets. 

Create a form and view results 

  • Create a new form or quiz

  • Share a form to get responses

  • View results of your form

  • Use branching logic in your form

  • Add sections to your survey or questionnaire


Excel in learning pathways has been updated with the following content. 

Intro to Excel 

The Intro to Excel playlist has the following new asset. 

  • Create a dropdown-list

Linked data types 

A new Linked data types playlist has been added to learning pathways with the following assets. 

  • Convert text to an Organization data type

  • Use the Data Selector to specify Organization data types

  • View and insert data from an Organization data type

Formulas and functions 

Two new assets have been added to the Formulas and functions playlist. 

  • XLOOKUP function

  • MATCH function


All SharePoint playlists and assets have been updated. The updated playlists include: 

  • SharePoint Online Quick Start

  • Intro to SharePoint Online playlist

  • Create sites, posts, and lists playlist

  • Share and sync with SharePoint playlist

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