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In Board view, you can add tasks to buckets and create new buckets to create a visual view of your project, and easily manage your tasks.

Create bucketsĀ 

  1. At the top of your project, select Board view.

  2. Select Add bucket.

  3. Type a name and press Enter.

Add tasks to buckets

  1. Under a bucket, select Add task and enter a task name.

  2. Type a name and select Add task.

Manage tasks

  • Move tasks between buckets - drag the task from one bucket to another bucket.

  • View task details - select the task.

  • Assign a task - select Assign to, and type or select a name from the drop-down.

  • Add a dependency - select Add dependency and choose a selected task, or type the number in the box.

  • Sort tasks by Finish date or Progress - select Group by and select an option.

  • Mark tasks complete - select the circle to the left of the task name. The circle changes to a checkmark.

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