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Welcome to Microsoft Project Server 2013.

Please refer to the provided End-User License Agreement for license information.

The following list contains important facts about Project Server 2013.

Additional Workflow Data link might not work

When you create a project with a workflow, you can get workflow information on the Workflow Stage Status Project Detail Page (PDP). When you expand All Workflow Stages, an Additional Workflow Data link shows information specific to the instance associated with the project. If Project Web App isn’t the root of the site collection, this link won’t work, as it will try to go to the root site.

Workaround    Manually add the Project Web App instance name into the URL. For example, if your Project Web App is http://myserver/pwa, and the site collection root is http://myserver, the link goes to http://myserver/_layouts/15/wrkstat.aspx?WorkflowInstanceName=....

So add in your Project Web App name between ""myserver"" and ""_layouts."" Example: http://myserver/pwa/_layouts/15/wrkstat.aspx?WorkflowInstanceName=...."

Lookup tables based on custom fields can’t be used in workflows

Lookup tables (LUT) based on custom fields can't be used in Project Workflows.

Workaround    No workaround is available.

Project 2010 Exchange Task Sync to Outlook is deprecated

The Project 2010 Exchange Task Sync to Outlook is deprecated in the final version of Project 2013.

Workaround    You can use the new SharePoint 2013 Task Sync feature instead.

Workflow activities don't get deployed correctly the first time

The workflow activities don't get deployed correctly the first time.

Workaround    Use the following command in SharePoint PowerShell at the end of the installing Project Server:


The VBA method SynchronizeWithSiteEx is not functional

The new Visual Basic for Applications method, SynchronizeWithSiteEx, is not functional for Office 2013 or for Microsoft 365.

Workaround    Instead, use the VBA method SynchronizeWithSite.

OData Excel reports appear in English for Spanish and Japanese versions

If you install the Spanish or Japanese version of Project Server or Project Online, the Project Overview, Resource Overview, and Project Overview Dashboard Excel reports will appear in English rather than in your chosen language.

Workaround    To see these reports in your chosen language, you will need to recreate the OData Excel reports in Spanish or Japanese.

You may get an error message when refreshing Excel reports using OData

When you build Excel reports using the OData connection to Project Server or Project Online, you may occasionally see this message when trying to refresh the reports:

The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

This error may be encountered intermittently as a result of server responsiveness issues.

Workaround    Usually a second or third attempt will refresh the Excel report successfully.

User delegation does not work

Activating delegation for a Project Server user will fail.

Workaround    There is no workaround for this issue.

You will get an error message during your initial refresh of server reports connected to OData

When you attempt to refresh any of the three server reports connected to OData, an error message is displayed when trying to make the initial connection:

The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

For example, "Projects Overview" has five workbook connections, and an error is always displayed referencing the Assignments connection.

Workaround    Dismiss the error message and refresh a second time. The second refresh should complete successfully with no error.

Visual reports can only be viewed in English for this release

If you select a visual report in a language other than English in Project Professional or Project Online Desktop Client, you get the error "An unknown error has occurred", and you are unable to view the report. There is a known issue preventing viewing visual reports in languages other than English.

Workaround    There is no workaround for this issue.

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