Resolve conflicts in the Upload Center

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If another user makes changes to a server document while you are working on it, you may receive a failure notice when you try to upload your file. When this happens, and the changes on the server cannot be merged with your local copy, the Resolve Conflict window lets you view and select the version of the file that you want to keep.

To open the Resolve Conflict window, select Choose from the file’s Resolve menu in the Microsoft Office Upload Center. You can then choose from the following options:

  • Keep Server Version    Discards changes you have made to your copy of the file. The next time you open the file, the server version will be opened.

  • Keep My Version    Overwrites the server version of the file with your changes.

  • Keep Both Versions    Saves a copy of your changes as a backup and opens the server version of the file.

  • View My Copy    Allows you to see your version of the file by opening it as Read Only, helping you choose which version to keep.

  • View Server Copy    Allows you to see the server version of the file by opening it as Read Only, helping you make a choice of which version to keep.

Note:  When a Microsoft Office file that does not support compare and merge is opened for editing, the file will be locked to prevent other authors from making changes. This will prevent the upload failure from happening. However, if you become disconnected from the server, or open the file from the Upload Center while disconnected, this lock may be lost allowing other users editing access to the file and this error to occur.

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