Switch to Outlook for Windows Calendar and Contacts from G Suite

Schedule events

Schedule events in Outlook for Windows

Whether you're scheduling an appointment for yourself or setting up a meeting, Outlook gives you all the features you need to find the right time for everyone.

As you switch from G Suite Calendar to Outlook, there are a few differences in names to be aware of, like attendees instead of guests or interchanging appointment with event.

Create an appointment

  1. In the calendar, select New Appointment.

  2. Add a title, start and end time, location, and other details.

  3. Select Save & Close.

    Note: Any appointment can become a meeting if you Invite Attendees.

Schedule an appointment in Outlook

Schedule a meeting

  1. In your calendar, select New Meeting.

  2. Add a title, invitees, start and end time, location, and other details.

  3. Select Teams meeting if you want to be able to meet in Microsoft Teams.

  4. Select Send.

Check out Schedule a meeting with other people to learn more.

Creating a meeting in Outlook

Use the Scheduling Assistant

When you create a meeting, use the Scheduling Assistant to see when attendees and rooms are available.

  • From a new meeting request, select Scheduling Assistant.

  • The shaded area with vertical bars shows the meeting time. Drag the bars to adjust the meeting time.

  • The grid shows when attendees are available. To the right of the meeting request, Outlook shows suggested times and the number of conflicts.

Scheduling Assistant Tool

Create a recurring appointment or meeting

  1. Select New Appointment.

  2. Add the details of your appointment or meeting.

  3. Select Recurrence.

  4. Set the Recurrence pattern and Range of recurrence.

  5. Select OK.

To make an existing appointment or meeting recurring:

  1. Open an existing appointment or meeting.

  2. Select Recurrence.

  3. Set the Recurrence pattern and Range of recurrence.

  4. Select OK.

Make a meeting recurring in Outlook

Note: Features and information in this guide apply to Outlook as available through Microsoft 365.

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