Send a form in multiple languages

Send a form in multiple languages

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With multi-language support in Microsoft Forms, you can create a form or survey in your own language, then allow your audience to respond in their preferred language. When you receive responses, they'll be stored in a single form that is in your own default language.

Add languages and translate

  1. Click More form settings More options button , and then select Multilingual.

    Multilingual option in Microsoft Forms

  2. Under Additional Language, click Add button Add additional language.

    Add a language using the multilingual feature in Microsoft Forms

    You can search for a language or scroll through the language list to add the language you want.

    Note: A single form can support up to 11 languages, including your primary language.

  3. Hover over your added language and click the Edit language pencil icon.

    Edit a language using the multilingual feature in Microsoft Forms

  4. Click on the title section to begin your translating.

  5. Click on the text box under the title and translate the text above it. Also do this for the questions in your form.

    Translate content into another language in Microsoft Forms

  6. Click Back when you're finished with translation.

What responders will see

Once you send your form, responders will receive the form in their default language (if you've added that language and translated it in your form). If preferred, they can select another language in the dropdown list at the top right hand corner of the form.

Dropdown that shows languages you can choose from to fill out a form in Microsoft forms

Receive multiple language responses in a single form

When you click the More Details link under each question, you'll see a language column to view how each language group responded. When you view your results in Excel, this language column will also show up in your workbook.

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