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The following list contains important facts about SharePoint Foundation 2013. To see other related 2013 known issue articles, click SharePoint Server 2013 known issues.

Recommended configuration for crawling large hosts

When defining content sources to crawl in SharePoint Search, the maximum number of threads that can simultaneously make requests to a host is set to 12 by default OOB. This value affects the rate of content discovery from the host. For all small and medium sized hosts (<10M), this thread count is sufficient. But if the target host is >10M, we recommend you increase the thread count.

Workaround    For large hosts (>10M items), we recommend you set the number of threads to 32 or more. This is over-and-above the recommendation to have dedicated crawl targets that helps manage load on front ends efficiently without impacting performance observed by users of that host.

Management Shell shows an error when open

When you open the Management Shell, you see the following error message:

Could not create a CmdletConfiguration for CmdletName Start-BulkOperation, CmldetClass, CmdletHelpFile C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\CONFIG\PowerShell\Help\Microsoft.Office.Education.Institution.dll-Help.xml.

Cannot process argument because the value of argument"implementingType" is null. Change the value of argument "implementingType" to a non-null value.

Workaround    This error doesn't block any scenarios. The shell works for all cmdlets.

PerformancePoint items missing from BI Center left navigation pane

If you create a new BI site collection, you'll see it with navigation links missing.

Workaround    To see the links, go to Site Settings > Navigation and change the site to use structural navigation.

Custom actions can’t be a part of SharePoint app

Custom actions parts of a SharePoint app aren’t activated during the feature installation.

Custom actions that are part of a SharePoint app aren’t activated during the feature installation.

Workaround    No workaround is available.

Can’t disable continuous crawl on a SharePoint content source when FollowDirectories is set to 1

If you create a SharePoint content source with a start address and set the follow directories option through PowerShell, the disable continuous crawl fails.

  • Enable & subsequently

  • Disable continuous crawls

Workaround    Use $cs.SetProperty("FollowDirectories",0), and then restart-Service OSearch.

Search email files doesn’t work

When you run a search query on SharePoint installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, it doesn’t search inside of EML or MHT files.

Workaround    Install KB2554876 “The SharePoint parsing process crashes in Windows Server 2008 R2” from https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2554876 on all content processing component servers.

Developer Dashboard: Aggregated SQL counts doesn’t match number of calls in SQL tab

You might see a higher number in the Overview tab for SQL aggregates, compared to the SQL queries displayed in the SQL details tab.

Workaround    No workaround is available.

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