Status Manager (task field)

Data Type    Enumerated

Entry Type    Calculated or entered

Description    The Status Manager field contains the name of the enterprise resource who is to receive status updates for the current task from resources working in Project Web App. By default, the status manager is the user who originally published the new task to Project Server. The status manager can be changed to any other status manager in this enterprise project. The list contains the names of all resources who are identified as status managers for the current project.

How Calculated    When an enterprise project is connected to Project Server, the default status manager for any new tasks created during this session is set to the name of the resource who has opened the enterprise project. Any status manager can change this field.

Best Uses    Add the Status Manager field to a task sheet to review or change the name of the person who is receiving status updates for the task. This is particularly useful when different status managers are responsible for different aspects or phases of the project, or if one status manager is temporarily filling in for another.

Example    Betty is set as the status manager for the Course Development and Training phases of a project. Laurie is set as the status manager for the Marketing and Documentation phases. Because she's about to leave for vacation, Betty needs to make Laurie the status manager for a series of upcoming tasks. She adds the Status Manager field to the Task Sheet, and for the upcoming tasks, she changes the Status Manager field from herself to Laurie.

Remarks    The Status Manager field is available only in enterprise projects.

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