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Use SUMIFS to test multiple conditions and return a value based on those conditions. For example, you could use SUMIFS to sum the number of a products sold by a certain salesperson.

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SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2], ...)

  • =SUMIFS(A3:A10,B3:B:10,B13,C3:C10,A13)

  • Sum the values in the cell A3 to A10 for the rows where the value in B3 to B10 is B13, and the value in C3 to C10 is A13.


  1. Select a cell.

  2. Type =SUMIFS, and a left parenthesis (.

  3. Select the sum range, and type a comma.

  4. Select the first criteria range, and type a comma.

  5. Select the criteria, and type a comma.

  6. Select the second criteria range, and type a comma.

  7. Select the criteria, and type a comma.

  8. Add a right parenthesis ) and select Enter.

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