The new Outlook for Mac

This article tells you everything you can expect from the all-new Outlook for Mac. 


  • macOS version 10.14 (Mojave) and later.

  • Outlook version based on Insider level:

    • 16.40 (20073000) and later for Insider Slow. 

    • 16.32 (19110306) and later for Insider Fast.

  • An Office 365,, or Google account.

  • No shared or delegated accounts. 

  • For other requirements, refer to System requirements for Office.

How to try the new experience

  1. Join Office Insider and choose level:

  2. Select Check for Updates to install the latest Insider update.

    Microsoft AutoUpdate
  3. Open or restart Outlook, then turn on the New Outlook switch.

    Screenshot with the new Outlook for Mac switch

What's new in Outlook for Mac

The new Outlook has many new features and improved experiences, including:

Customizable toolbar

Choose commands to display in the Toolbar. In the Toolbar, select the more icon More options , then Customize Toolbar… .

Improved search

Search is now powered by Microsoft Search and has better results and suggestions. Click in the search field or use keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+F to search.

My Day

View upcoming events in agenda or day view in the main window for mail. Select My Day in the View menu or use keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+] to turn My Day on or off.

Improved RSVP to meetings

Respond to meeting invites with email responses to the organizer directly from the Reading Pane. Type a message in the text field in the meeting invite and select Accept, Tentative, Decline, or Propose New Time.

More Office 365 Groups, including Calendars

View all your Office 365 Groups in Mail and Calendar view. In Mail, Groups are located under the Groups node for your account. In Calendar, Groups are located after calendar folders for your account.

Nested compose in the Reading Pane

Reply to messages without opening a new compose window. Select Reply, Reply All, or Forward in the Reading Pane, Toolbar, or Message menu or use keyboard shortcuts Command+R, Shift+Command+R, or Command+J.

Ignore Conversation

Delete all messages in a conversation, including messages already received and any new messages. Select Ignore Conversation in the Toolbar, Message menu, or message context menu, then confirm that you want to ignore the conversation.

Improved event scheduling

Create events by selecting a time block in the calendar grid. Add event details, including attendees and locations, and view attendee availability directly in the popover before sending.

When creating a new meeting, view attendee availability directly in the event window and adjust the time of the event by moving the event within the day view.

For meetings with large numbers of attendees, use the Scheduling Assistant to view availability, add and remove attendees, and reserve resources (such as conference rooms).

Features not yet available in the new Outlook for Mac

There are several features that are available in the current version of Outlook for Mac for Office 365 that aren't yet available in the new Outlook experience.

  • Block sender

  • Delegates

  • Online archive

  • S/MIME

  • Tasks - Now available via web in 16.40 (20062901)

  • Notes - Now available via web in 16.40 (20062901)

  • Rules - Now available in 16.40 (20062901)

  • Read and delivery receipts - Now available in 16.38 (20052800)

  • Email templates - Now available in 16.38 (20052001)

  • Contacts - Now available in 16.38 (20051706)

  • People search - Now available in 16.38 (20051706)

  • Create event from email - Now available in 16.38 (20051207)

  • Add-ins - Now available in 16.38 (20051100)

  • Set message sensitivity - Now available in 16.38 (20050602)

  • Room Finder - Now available in 16.37 (20042107)

  • Unified Inbox - Now available in 16.37 (20041501)

  • Automatic replies - Now available in 16.36 (20032300)

  • Presence - Now available in 16.35 (20012902)

  • Subfolder search - Now available in 16.33 (19120401) 

Known issues

The product team knows about and is investigating the following issues in the new Outlook for Mac:

  • Favorite folders can't be re-ordered in the sidebar

  • Mail and events can't be copied to other folders

  • Shared calendars can't be added using Open Other User's Folder

  • Delegated and shared inboxes can't be added using Open Other User's Folder 

  • Snooze and Dismiss Reminders don't sync across devices - Now fixed in 16.37 (20042000)

  • Account descriptions can't be renamed - Now fixed in 16.33 (19120904)

Reporting issues and providing feedback

There are various ways to report issues and provide feedback to help improve the experience.

Contact Support

Please report issues using Contact Support in the Help menu.

After opening a support request, a help icon will appear next to the New Outlook switch to provide easy access to the current request.

Screenshot highlighting the active support help icon

Additionally, when a support agent provides a response, a red badge will appear on the help icon.

Screenshot showing the help icon when there's an update from support

Feature requests

Please vote for feature requests using Suggest a Feature in the Help menu. This will open a UserVoice site dedicated to the new Outlook for Mac.

How to switch back

At any time, you can switch back by turning off the New Outlook switch.

Before switching back, you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the experience and to create an in-app reminder for when additional features become available.

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