Turn off reminders and reminder sounds in Outlook for Mac

Outlook displays reminders for calendar events and tasks that you set a reminder for. It also displays reminders for email messages and contacts that are flagged for follow up.

Outlook displays scheduled reminders when your computer is running, even when you are not using Outlook. If a reminder is scheduled to appear at a time when your computer is turned off, you will receive the reminder when you turn your computer back on.

Dismiss a reminder

  • When the reminder appears, click Dismiss.

Turn off all reminders

  • On the Outlook menu, click Turn Off Reminders.

Turn off reminder sounds

  1. On the Outlook menu, click Preferences.

  2. Under Personal Settings, click Notifications & Sounds.

  3. Under Sounds, clear the Reminder check box. You may also clear the check boxes for any other Outlook sounds that you want turn off.

Turn off a recurring event reminder

  1. Open the appointment or meeting on your calendar.

  2. On the Appointment or Meeting tab, change the reminder time to None.

  3. Click Save & Close.

Turn off a task reminder

  1. Open the task.

  2. On the Task tab, click the reminder time, and then click the Remove .

  3. Click Save & Close.

  • On the Outlook menu, click Turn Off Office Reminders.

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