Update the address for your Microsoft subscription

You may have received an email or in-production notification from Microsoft asking you to update the address associated with your Microsoft subscription.

We need you to verify your address to ensure we're applying the correct sales tax for any upcoming charges for subscriptions associated with this account. For example, if your address doesn’t contain a ZIP+4, we may not be able to accurately calculate the applicable tax for your subscription..

Verify your address

You must do this for each subscription associated with the Microsoft account you’re signed in with. Updating the address on one subscription won’t automatically update all Microsoft subscriptions.

  1. If you're not already signed in, go to the Services & subscriptions page and sign in with the Microsoft account you use with your subscription.

  2. After signing in, a Verify your address pop-up window may appear which asks you to verify your address. Select the correct address and then select, Use this address.

    If the pop-up doesn't automatically appear, for each of your subscriptions select Manage. If your address for that subscription needs validation you'll see the pop-up window. Select the correct address and then Use this address.

    Tip: If you're unsure what your complete address is or you see multiple address options and you’re not sure which one to select, try searching for your complete address using the United States Postal Service Zip Code Look Up at https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookup.

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