With Designer you can easily create documents in Word for the web with a polished, professional look—no design skills required! Designer automatically checks for formatting and style issues and creates fixes that you can apply. You can also apply a variety of design themes to make your document instantly consistent from top to bottom.

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Using Designer to fix formatting issues

  1. Open a document in Word for the web, and then select Home > Designer.

    Select Designer

    Designer detects formatting inconsistencies throughout your document and indicates that it has fixes you can apply.

    Apply formatting fixes

  2. Click or tap Apply [#] formatting fixes. Designer applies the fixes to your document and asks you to review the fixes before keeping them.

    Review formatting fixes

  3. Tap or click Review [#] formatting fixes.

    Reviewing formatting fixes

  4. Select Keep all or Undo all, or go to the document to review the fixes one by one.

Triaging Designer results

When Designer applies a fix, you'll see a blue diamond in the left margin next to the affected text, so you can easily spot any changes in context. 

Blue diamond marking a change

For each fix, select Keep or Undo. If there are multiple fixes to review, Designer will move you to the next fix. After you keep or undo all the fixes made by Designer, you'll see in the Designer pane that there are no issues.

No issues found

However, Designer may not detect all issues. If you see something that should be fixed but wasn't, you can manually apply the correct style by clicking an insertion point in the paragraph and going to Home > Styles, or right-click in the paragraph and select Styles from the context menu.

Styles dialog box

Unsupported elements

If Designer encounters content in the document that it can't analyze, you'll see the message, It looks like your document has some elements that are not yet supported by Designer.

For example, your document may contain forms or custom designs that Designer can't read, or the Designer AI can only provide results that are below the expected threshold.  

You can still use Designer if you see this message. We show it to let you know that the results may not be as helpful or complete as they could be.

Applying themes

Designer also has a proactive side to it. You can select themes that apply a consistent designer-created theme throughout your document. It's like a super-solution for formatting.

Browse the available themes. You'll see a preview of the fonts and colors used for each.

Review formatting fixes

When you find one you like, click it and all the elements in you document conform to the theme.

Send feedback

Let us know what you think about Designer. Click Send feedback about Designer below to open the feedback form. Your input is valuable and helps us to keep improving the tools you use.

Designer feedback form

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