Microsoft Whiteboard is a free-form, digital canvas where people, content, and ideas come together. The newest version of Microsoft Whiteboard replaces the older “Microsoft Whiteboard 2016” app (previously only available on Surface Hub), and this new version can now be used across your devices — including PC, mobile, and Surface Hub. 

Using new objects like sticky notes and text

In addition to ink, Whiteboard includes other ways to express ideas — like sticky notes, text, and images. These can be used to collaborate with your team for brainstorming, problem solving, sprint planning, and more.

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  • To begin, tap the + (plus sign) button to see all of the objects that you can add.

  • Other people using your whiteboard can see what you’ve added and also add their own content.

Using pen and finger inking

Using the pens on the side of the Surface Hub, you can quickly illustrate ideas, draw diagrams, or think through complex problems.

You can also use your finger to ink by tapping the Finger inking button in the toolbar.

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What are the differences between Whiteboard 2016 and the new Whiteboard app on Surface Hub?

The new version includes many requested capabilities, including:

  • When you sign in, your boards are saved in the cloud

  • Support for Windows 10 PCs, iOS devices, and a Web App

  • Improved collaboration, including inviting and revoking access to specific users, and presence bubbles to show who is actively working on the current board

  • Many new canvas features, including sticky text notes, images, and text

  • Convert photos of physical whiteboards to ink

  • Improve legibility of your handwritten ink

  • Additional background colors, pen colors, and nib sizes

Saving, exporting and re-opening your whiteboards

Whiteboards can be saved by signing in to the Surface Hub or exporting boards as images. 

  1. Tap the Sign in button to save your board, invite others and get back to previously saved boards.

  2. Alternately, tap Settings > Export > High quality image (SVG), and then use the built-in option to email or save.

Using Whiteboard collaboratively across devices

Whiteboard can be installed on Windows 10 PCs and iOS devices, or accessed via the Web from most other devices. 

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  1. Tap the Sign in button to save your board, invite others, and return to previously saved boards.

  2. After signing in, tap the Invite Participants button and write or type the names for anyone you want to invite.

Tip: To participate on boards, install the Whiteboard app on your iOS device or on your Windows 10 PC

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