Linked data types

View and insert data from an Organization data type

Use Organization data types to view and insert data

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Data types hold lots of information that you can view or add to your workbook at any time. After you convert to a data type, you can open cards that preview the info you can add to your workbook.

Try it!

  1. Select the Organization data type icon in the converted cell to open the data card.

  2. Scroll through the card to view the fields and values you can work with.

  3. Hover over any value that you want to insert and select the  Add Column button  Insert Data icon. Excel will automatically insert data for the same field for other data types in the column of a table. 

    Tip: If you select a data type cell, the  Add Column button  Insert Data icon appears on the grid and you can quickly select fields to add columns of data.

Refresh data from Power BI

Power BI data doesn't update automatically in Excel, so we recommend you refresh your workbook after opening it to ensure you have the latest Power BI data. You can refresh data in two ways:

  • Go to Data > Refresh All button   Refresh all - This will refresh all links and datasets in your workbook.

  • Right-click a data type > Refresh - This will refresh the data for this particular dataset.

Note: Others can refresh the data in Excel if they have access to the feature and the Power BI dataset. If they don't, they will just get access to the data previously saved to the file.

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