Linked data types

Use the Data Selector to specify data types

Use the Data Selector to specify data types

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To convert to a data type, Excel looks for a match between the cell values and the database provider. If there's a match, you'll see a data type icon in the cell to indicate it was converted successfully. If you see a  Question mark icon  instead and the Data Selector pane opens, Excel needs your help to choose the right data type.

Tip: In Excel for the web, you can select the Use the tabs to the right of the Data Selector pane to navigate between panes.  Data Type tab or the  Select the ? on the right to tab between panes in the web.  Help tab on the right side to navigate between the panes.

Try it!

  1. In the Data Selector pane, review the results and select the one you need.

    Not getting the results you need? You may need to adjust the terms you're using to find the data type. You can do this from the search in the Data Selector pane. Consider these tips:

    • Check that your text is spelled correctly and that each unique term is in its own cell.

    • Try using similar terms and alternatives. For example, entering "bridge" instead of "overpass".

    • Specify terms if possible. For example, entering "honeycrisp apple" instead of "honeycrisp".

      Note:  If you still can't find any results, see what linked data types are available to check if we support this area yet.

  2. Once you select a result, the Data Selector will switch to the next result that needs identifying.

  3. When all cell values are linked to a data type, the Data Selector will close and you can now view cards and insert data.

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