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Getting started with accessible content
Getting started with accessible content

Create accessible file names

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Learn how to use meaningful file names that can make your documents easier to find.

When you use meaningful file names and add properties to your documents, you make your files easier for everyone to find. These steps are important to follow to be compliant with legal requirements and guidelines.

To rename a file

  1. Using File Explorer, right-click a file, and then select Rename.

  2. Type a new name for the document, and then press Enter.

To add details about a document

  1. In Word, select File > Info.

  2. Under Properties, in the Title box, type a title for the document.

  3. To add an author, under Related People, select Add an author.

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Accessibility in Microsoft 365

Giving your documents meaningful filenames and document properties makes them easier to find for everyone.

These steps are especially important for meeting new accessibility guidelines, like the US Section 508 Refresh… the new EU Directive on Accessibility… and many others around the world.

A good filename provides clues to a document’s content and age.

Here’s a file with a descriptive filename: “Support Reviews underscore June 15”.

Compare that to a vague filename like this one, which gives a user no context for what’s inside.

To rename a document in File Explorer, right-click the file, choose Rename, type the new name, and hit Enter.

Remember, this won’t work if you’ve got the document open in a program, like Word.

When you’ve got your document open in Word, you can add a title and author name to the document properties, which makes the file easier for others to find.

Adding these properties is also part of the US 508 accessibility guidelines.

To get started, select the File tab.

On the right, you’ll find the document Properties.

Next to the word Title, you’ll see the document’s current title, or if it doesn’t have one, the words Add a title.

Either way, you can click here to create a descriptive title for your document.

Further down the properties list is the Related People section. Click on Add an Author to add a new author to your document.

You can add as many authors as you need.

For more on creating accessible documents, go to .

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