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Track changes

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To help you edit with track changes and comments, there are a number of ways to customize the review tools. Watch this video to learn more.

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To help you edit with Track Changes and Comments, there are a number of ways to customize the REVIEW tools.

First, if you want more information, you can turn on the Reviewing Pane.

It lists all the changes and comments, and who made them.

If you want less information, you can turn off the Reviewing Pane, change to Simple Markup, and Hide Comments.

The markup and comments are still there when you want them, but now you have more space.

You can click Show Markup to choose what markup to see, or not see.

What about markup colors? Click the Tracking dialog box launcher and Advanced Options.

You can change how the markup appears, and the colors that are used.

By default, the colors used for Insertions and Deletions are different for each author.

The only thing you can’t change is the color that’s assigned to an author.

This next option is especially handy if you have a lot of reviewers and you are using email.

Click the arrow under Track Changes, and Lock Tracking. Then, enter a password.

Now when someone gets the document to review, Track Changes is locked on and can’t be turned off, so any changes made to the document will show up as markup. Also, they cannot Accept or Reject changes.

To unlock Track Changes, just enter the password.

There’s one more tool that may interest you and that is the Document Inspector.

Before you publish a document, click File, Info, and click Check for Issues, and Inspect Document.

The Document Inspector checks your document for all these issues, including removing any hidden comments or revisions.

Click Inspect to start the process.

So, now you have a pretty good idea how to use the REVIEW tools to edit a document with other people.

For more information about the REVIEW tools, check out the links in the course summary.

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