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Apply transitions between slides
Apply transitions between slides

Explore transition options

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Many transitions include additional options for how to play the effect; let’s take a look at them in this short video.

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Apply transitions between slides

Many transitions include additional options for how to play the effect; let’s take a look.

To start, I’ll click More to open the transitions gallery and I’ll click the Cube transition to apply it to the slide.

The transition previews and looks like a cube rotating right to left.

Also, we notice that Effect Options, here, is active, which means there are more options for this transition.

Let’s click Effect Options to see what they are.

The current option, From Right, is selected.

But I could choose any of these other directions.

I’ll try From Bottom. The cube rotates upward, from the bottom of the slide.

When I click Effect Options > From Left, the cube rotates from the left.

And when I click Effect Options > From Top, the cube rotates downward, from the top of the slide.

So, I can choose the option I prefer. And I can use more than one of these options and get an effective result.

Here’s how:

First, I’ll click From Right, and click Apply to All to apply this direction to all the slides.

Then, for three of the slides, I’ll do something different.

The title slide is selected, and I’ll press Ctrl so I can select additional slides—slides 5 and 9; these are section header slides.

With these slides selected, I’ll click Effect Options and choose From Bottom.

To see how this plays, I’ll click the title slide and Slide Show. The title slide opens with the Cube transition From Bottom.

The next slides open with the Cube transition From Right.

But at the first section header, the transition is, again, Cube From Bottom.

Then, we resume with Cube From Right, until the next section header.

So, by changing the transition’s direction for certain slides,

I add variety and also cue the audience that we’re starting a new section.

Up next: Set the transition speed.

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