Create your first PowerPoint 2013 presentation

Finalize and review

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Add themes, transparencies, and other design elements to give your presentation a professional polish. Then, review it before you present it to your audience.

Finalize and review

On the DESIGN tab, click the Themes gallery to apply professional designs. And preview your slide show before delivering it to your audience. You can even get review comments on it from others.

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Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint 2013 presentation

What's new in PowerPoint 2013

Our slide show is almost done, but before we let the audience see it, we need to do something about the design.

Click the DESIGN tab. Then, click the Themes gallery.

Hold the mouse over a theme to see a preview.

The theme changes the entire look of your slides by applying a professional design.

It standardizes the fonts, the colors, the effects, the positioning of elements, even the background images.

You can even create your own theme and save it. Let’s choose this slide design.

Each theme also comes with a set of variants.

We added our theme last, but you could just as easily apply a theme when you first start, and change it later, if you want.

One more thing you may want to add is a watermark or image that appears on all of your slides.

Click Format Background, and Picture or texture fill. Then, clickFile..., locate a picture on your computer, and clickInsert.

Drag the Transparency slider, if you want the picture to look more like a watermark. Then, click Apply to All.

Click theXto hide the pane.

As you work on your presentation, you may want to stop and preview your slide show.

Click the SLIDE SHOW tab. Here you’ll find the commands and settings related to running your presentation.

Click here to run the entire show, or here to run it starting from the current slide.

Sometimes when you are laying out a slide, it helps to see what it looks like full screen.

Before you call your presentation finished, you can go to the REVIEW tab, and click here to run the spell checker.

This is also where you can add and review comments.

For example, you could email the presentation file to others on your team and ask for comments. Then, view the comments here.

Up next, we’ll prepare and run the presentation.

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