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Excel for Android tablet is very similar to the Excel you already know. But there are some differences if you are used to using a mouse and keyboard. This video will show you how to get up and running.

Key points in this video

  • To start typing, double tap a cell, type, and then tap the green check mark: Excel green check mark

  • After typing something, tap Enter to move one cell down.

  • To put your cursor in an exact spot, double tap a cell, tap anywhere in the cell, and then
    tap and drag this: Cursor to the exact spot.

  • If you need to get rid of the keyboard, tap your tablet's Back button,
    which could look like this: Nexus Back button or this: Android Back button

Video transcript

[Introduction music]

Let’s go over some basics to get you started with Excel for Android tablet.

First: some typing tips. To start typing, I tap a cell, tap the formula bar, and then I start typing. When I’m done, I tap the green check mark.

But here's a faster way: Just double tap, type, and then tap the check mark.

And when I need to fill in a bunch of cells: I can press Enter to move to the next row down each time.

When I’m done typing, I tap my tablet’s Back button to hide the keyboard.

My Back button looks like this…but yours might look something like this, depending on your tablet.

One typing tip: Let’s say I need to correct a spelling mistake.

I double tap the cell, tap and hold the slider, drag it to the right spot, and then type in the proper spelling.

Now, I’m going to enter some formulas . I’ll quickly autosum this column…and Excel makes a guess as to what needs to be summed up, and it looks like it guessed right, so I’ll tap the check mark.

But let’s say I want the total out to the side: Excel tries to guess which cells need to be totaled… but it doesn't get it right.

So I'll just drag the handles to get the range I want.

Let’s take a look at formatting: Common formatting options are here. And one of the most popular is Cell Formatting.

I’m gonna set the format to the local currency by tapping Currency.

If I need something different, I can tap this arrow, and find more options.

You can learn a lot more, by just clicking the tabs and exploring. And for more on Office for Android tablet, go to

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