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Line spacing
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Line spacing

Adjust line spacing

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You can adjust the line spacing in a paragraph to be more tight, or more open. Place your cursor in the paragraph, and click Home > Line and Paragraph Spacing.

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Line spacing

I'm formatting my resume and I want to adjust the spacing.

I can adjust the spacing between lines within a single paragraph of text.

I place my cursor anywhere in the paragraph, and then,

I go to the Home tab and I click this tool, Line and Paragraph Spacing.

I click the down arrow to see my choices.

By pointing to the various options, I can see what this will look like before I select it.

I can adjust the line spacing in my paragraph to be more tight, or more open.

For example, I may want to change it from single spacing to 2.0 for double spacing

or 3.0 for triple line spacing.

If I don't like the way this looks,

then I can also always redo it and select a different option in the same way.

Or I can undo my changes by pressing Ctrl+Z.

And that's it.

Up next, I'll show you another way when I adjust the spacing before and after a paragraph.

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