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Mirror margins in Word 2013
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Mirror margins in Word 2013

Set mirror margins

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This video shows you how to set mirror margins in Word. It also shows you how to check your handiwork in Print Preview.

Set mirror margins

  1. Click PAGE LAYOUT > Margins > Custom Margins.

  2. In the Right box, enter the number of inches for your wider, outside margins.

  3. For Multiple pages, click Mirror margins.

  4. Go to FILE > Print and check your handiwork on the right.

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If you want mirrored margins, you probably want something like this: a booklet of pages that are printed on both sides.

And when you open the first page, the page on the left has a wide outside margin, and a narrow inside margin.

The page on the right is a mirror image of that, it has a wide outside margin, and a narrow inside one as well.

So how do you do this in Word? I'm going to show you how.

We're going to go to the PAGE LAYOUT tab here up at the top, and then we're going to click Margins, and then Custom Margins.

Now you're going to want to set your outside wider margin first, so go ahead and put that up here in the right box. I'm going to put in 3 inches but yours might be more or less depending on how wide you want that to be.

And then under Multiple pages, I'm going to click Mirror Margins.

You can see, you have a little preview here of what the document's going to look like.

Okay? And I'm going to Click OK.

And now we have those mirror margins set up.

This is the first page, or that cover, Okay and as we scroll through, you see you have those mirror margins.

It's a little easier to see when you go into Print Preview, so let's go in here to the FILE menu, click Print, and this is your Print Preview area here.

And you can see that, sure enough, you've got your mirrored margins here.

Okay, so, there are some more tips and refinements you might want to know about.

So up next, we'll show you how to set page numbers for these mirrored margins.

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